Fully Customizable End-to-End

Quote & Workflow Automation Solution

for 3D Printing Bureaus 

List of features

Management and control
  • 3 automation modes

    • Instant quote. Customer uploads job through web UI. Quote is automatically generated and offered directly to customer, with internal notification sent to project manager or sales team.

    • Direct upload and full service response. Customer uploads job through web UI. Quote is automatically generated and sent to project manager who can tweak quote before engaging directly with the customer.

    • Internal quoting solution. Customer sends job to project manager who can use Prosper3D internally to automatically generate the quote. 

  • Provides formula analyzer and quoting explanation for each produced quote.

  • Produces a quoting document in a customized format with service bureau’s format and brand. Comes with default popular document formats.

  • Manage communication with customers around their models, revisions, changes and printing parameters. Customizable e-mails and notifications.

  • Keeps track record of history of quotes per customer.

  • Quoting system sends alerts when job quotes are completed.

  • Basic CRM functionality to simplify relationship with the end user.

  • API for integration with existing internal CRM/ERP systems.

Summary of Benefits
  • Service bureau can accept a wide range of jobs: multi-material, multi-color, specific formats, large files, multi-parts, multi-tray jobs.

  • Fast response to customers’ needs; become more competitive.

  • Do more with less effort - reduces the human labor involved in the quoting job depending on automation level selected.

  • Frees up project managers to govern job execution.

  • Consistent pricing and quoting.

  • Tailor the quoting process to your needs - customized automation process, formula definition, and quoting document format.

  • Track history of quoting, orders and customers.

  • Increase online presence of service bureau in our digital marketing era.

Quote Automation
  • Prosper3D is built around the most robust quoting engine on the market, custom-configured to support your business needs.

  • Creates incredibly accurate quotes based on the precise time and materials of your specific printers.

  • Supports all types of printing technologies, 3D printer models, materials, support materials, printing precision/accuracy, support styles, infill styles, parts quantities, and complementing services.

  • Supports dozens 3D modeling formats. Can convert between modeling formats. Customer doesn’t need to install format-specific software to support any supported format.

  • Supports multiple quoting formulas. Formula can be decided for each job manually or automatically depending on the context. Comes with pre-defined default formulas for different technologies, materials, and job types.

  • Supports multi-parts jobs. Knows to organize multi-parts on tray. Supports multi-trays organization.


  • Automatically analyzes the time, material, and support required for the job.

  • Automatically produces quoting. No human interaction nor third-party software is required.

  • Sending a quote to a customer can be done in a single click.

  • Dedicated file upload platform for end customers to use. Simplifies the interaction and supports large and complex jobs.

Online quoting
  • Full white label. Each service bureau has its own branding.

  • End users (e.g. designers) can open account on their own.

  • Through a web user interface the user uploads model files and specifies parameters of the jobs.

  • Customers may receive an instant quote (online and in PDF format) at the service bureau’s discretion.

  • Alternatively, a designated person in the service bureau receives a message with the quote and only upon approval is the quote sent to customers.

  • PCI DSS compliant online payments integration.

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