Learn About Prosper3d

Our Company’s Mission

Prosper3D's mission is to empower additive manufacturing businesses to prosper and grow their businesses faster through the smart use of technology to automate and accelerate the sales journey, from e-commerce to quote acceleration and automation, and from internal approvals and communication to order tracking.


The Challenge


Let's face it: Quoting 3Dprint jobs is a time-consuming process, even for relatively simple models. Besides not always being able to tell if they are even printable, other factors, such as exact time and materials, often need manual effort, specifically in the context of multi-parts print jobs.


Customers are shopping around and requesting quotes from 3-10 vendors on average for each 3D printing job, every service bureau ends up wasting 66%-90% of their project manager’s time on evaluating jobs they will not receive. If the service bureau is slow in the quoting process, the negative impact is immediate, and business opportunities are lost to competing and more agile service bureaus.


The Prosper3D Solution


Prosper3D provides 3D printing service bureaus with a full suite of tools to automate the quoting process – for both internal use by their own employees and for external use by potential customers looking for the right quote. As such, successful sales increase, the project manager workloads decrease, quoting becomes precise and consistent, and response time to quote requests is optimal. These benefits result immediately in reduced costs and more importantly an increase in revenue and profits.

our team

We are a multi-disciplinary team comprises outstanding experienced entrepreneurs, 3D printing software pioneers, 3D printing and cloud computing experts. Prosper3D's management are veterans of the 3D printing and cloud computing industries, and our global team has deep experience in developing some of the leading 3D printer software, including Objet Studio, Stratasys' printer management software (since Objet was an early stage startup), and 3D printing software technology licensing and consulting to leading players including Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS), Xjet and others.